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Horizon Insects Grow Your Own Edible Insects Starter Box 11594984

For up to 2 people
Valid for 20 months
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Edible insects have been consumed by humans for thousands of years, but many of us aren’t aware that they are a highly nutritious, protein-rich and sustainable food source! Insects produce negligible amounts of greenhouse gasses and require minimal quantities of water to farm. Not to mention, they provide high-quality protein, amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, calcium, zinc and iron! Become a part of the growing sustainability movement by incorporating edible insects into your diet with this grow your own mealworms starter box! You’ll receive a breathable plastic box, an instruction sheet, 50 beetles and enough bran for two harvests. Each female beetle will lay approximately 500 eggs in the bran, which then hatch into mealworms. At week eight, it's time to harvest! If you save 10% of your harvest for the next generation, you can start the cycle again for an endless supply of protein.

What's included?
  • Grow your own self-sufficient edible insect farm, for an endless supply of protein!
  • Starter kit includes:
    - Breathable box
    - 50 beetles
    - Mini magnifying glass
    - Enough bran for two harvests
    - Instruction sheet
    - 100g of Horizon dried edible crickets
What do I need to know?
  • Your voucher is valid for one person
  • This can't be shipped to Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, British Islands, Scottish Highlands and Islands
  • Not suitable for people with seafood, crustacean and dust mite allergies
  • Please note that the insects may have been fed a diet containing gluten and soy
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Horizon Insects Grow Your Own Edible Insects Starter Box