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A pedicure is not just a toenail treatment, but also helps to deal with rough skin on the base of the foot and other skin problems on the ankle and lower leg. Although pedicures are very common in nail salons, the treatments are also done in spas. Many of our spa hotels offer a pedicure service as part of the overall treatment at the spas.

The treatment is not always administered by another person. For example, fish pedicures have become very popular in recent years. The treatment involves you putting your feet into a tank of small fish (nicknamed 'physio fish' or 'nibbler fish') who then feed off foot skin with psoriasis.

The fish do not feed on healthy skin so their feeding is thought of to 'clean up' a customer"s feet. This spa pedicure treatment is available in some of our spas. The treatment only soothes the symptoms and is not a cure for the problem. If this service is of interest to you take a look at our Champneys pedicure range.

We also have a range of more traditional salon pedicure services available in hotels and spas across the UK, so take a look at our pedicure range now and put your feet up!