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Cool Earth

Protecting Rainforests

Cool Earth is the charity that backs people to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis.

Cool Earth believes Indigenous people and local communities who live in rainforest are the best people to protect it. They give cash directly to rainforest communities, fund projects and work alongside local charities, to drive sustainable incomes, create food security and enable climate adaptation.

Cool Earth imagines a future where people everywhere help tropical rainforest to not only fight the climate crisis but stop it entirel.

Buyagift shares this vision and supports Cool Earth to keep rainforest standing, carbon sequestered and the planet cool.

3% Healthy tropical rainforest has the potential to capture 1/3 of the total co2 required to cool Earth by 2020. IUCN 2021
area Buyagift is helping Cool Earth to protect an estimated 59,243 Hectares of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon.
map An area of forest the size of the UK is being lost every year around the world.
partners Buyagift is supporting four Ashaninka community partnerships.
70% Rainforests are home to almost 70% of the world's 250,000 plant species.
safe Buyagift is investing in rainforest communities safeguarding an estimated 9,246,000 tonnes of carbon stores.
Dan Mountain - CEO, Buyagift PLC

If as a business you are fortunate enough to find yourselves in a position where you are able to make a difference then we feel you have an obligation to do so. We are proud to be working with Cool Earth in an effort to help slow the relentless destruction of the rainforests. Thank you for helping us make a difference.

Cacao production provides a vital income for the Ashaninka in Peru.

This people powered project, provides agroforestry training within the Asháninka partnership, to sustainably produce quality cacao. It aims to develop sustainable incomes, create local market links, and protect rainforest.


Rainforest and Climate Action

treeIcon At Buyagift, we know that the best way to achieve a meaningful impact on the climate is by helping to protect existing rainforest that is in imminent danger of deforestation
earthIcon By working with Cool Earth, we want to go above and beyond in helping to support communities seeking to reduce deforestation and carbon emissions globally
CanIcon We've been a proud partner of Cool Earth since 2009, investing in their work to support rainforest conservation
partnersIcon This partnership helps us support local people in a global challenge. Cool Earth's partners are guardians of the rainforest, and with our support, have the potential to mitigate emissions from tropical deforestation.