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Hot Air Balloon Rides & Experiences

Explore our wonderful range of hot air balloon experiences available across the UK – from sunset to sunrise or even private flights. So, why not take flight and lift someone’s spirits with an unforgettable hot air balloon ride amongst the clouds?

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

Whether you're looking for an engagement, wedding or anniversary present for your favourite couple, our private hot air balloon flights are guaranteed to delight. With the added luxury of a glass of Champagne in hand, feel like a VIP as you take in some of the finest views Britain has to offer – all within your very own private basket! An utterly sublime gift idea to mark any special occasion.

Hot Air Balloon Rides for Two

There’s nothing quite like sharing a memorable experience together amidst the clouds in a hot air balloon with someone special. Our collection of hand-picked hot air balloon rides for two will have you dizzy with delight and elated with excitement – ready for take-off at a balloon site near you. Whether it’s your other half, sibling or friend that gets the golden ticket as your lucky passenger, we’ve covered all bases to ensure an incredible day out.


The height of the balloon flight is subject to local airspace and the time of the year. You'll fly at up to 3000ft to enjoy a marvellous view of the great British countryside below. Feel free to bring along your binoculars and cameras – but keep them safe! We're not liable for lost or damaged items.

The distance of your flight has many dependants. Hot air balloons are controlled by heating the air up within the balloon – they're not steered manually like a conventional aeroplane or helicopter. How far you'll fly is down to the elements and length of time it takes the pilot to find a suitable landing site.

Hot air balloons cannot be accurately controlled like a regular aircraft. The pilot will use their experience and skill to navigate to a suitable landing site. Once landed, the retrieval crew will come and get you to take you to back the start position.

No, it doesn't hurt. You'll be asked to stand in a designated landing position in the basket to prepare for landing. You'll land softly and glide slowly across the ground until the hot air balloon settles to a stop.

Of course. Spectators are more than welcome to watch but not encouraged to track the flight of the balloon for safety reasons.

We recommend gearing up appropriately for the season of your flight. In layman's terms, dress up as if you were going for a leisurely stroll in the countryside! The launch and landing site can be muddy – wear trousers, long sleeves and sensible footwear (no high heels please).

There's plenty of leg space for all on board. Each balloon has a maximum capacity to hold up to 16 passengers – split into four compartments.

Restrictions vary by location. Please check the ‘what do I need to know?' section of the fine print to find out the specific age and weight restriction for your chosen experience.

Unfortunately not. Our pilots are more than happy to answer any question you have about flying the balloon, but for the safety reasons it's best leaving the actual flying to the expert!

Flights usually take place at sunrise or sunset. Balloon flights don't often take place during the day because of heat from the ground creating thermal pockets and columns of rising air. These conditions create updrafts and downdrafts (making flying the balloon tricky for the pilot at certain altitudes).

Weather is highly uncontrollable and ballooning is extremely weather dependent. To avoid disappointment, please call the venue before arriving at the take-off site for the latest weather forecast and status of the flight. If postponed, an alternative date and location can be arranged (please contact the operator for information).

We make every effort to ensure people with disabilities can participate in balloon flights with us wherever possible and safe to do so. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we are unable to fly anyone who requires a wheelchair or if you are pregnant.