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Hot Air Balloon Flights

Explore our wonderful range of hot air balloon experiences available across the UK – from sunset to sunrise or even private flights. So why not take flight and lift someone’s spirits with an unforgettable experience amongst the clouds?

Sunrise and Sunset Hot Air Balloon Rides

The early bird catches the worm! So, instead of sleeping the morning away, why not watch the sunrise as you drift peacefully across the sky? Prepare to be amazed by the enchanting colours as the sun rises from the East, casting a golden hue across the valleys, quaint villages and endless fields below. Or, maybe you’ve always wondered what sunset looks like from 3000ft? If you’re more of a night owl, an evening flight is sure to take your breath away. Whatever time of day you choose, you can rest assured you’ll have the perfect photo opportunity!

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

Whether you're looking for an engagement, wedding or anniversary present for your favourite couple, our private hot air balloon flights are guaranteed to delight. With the added luxury of a glass of Champagne in hand, feel like a VIP as you take in some of the finest views Britain has to offer – all within your very own private basket! An utterly sublime gift idea to mark any special occasion.

Hot Air Balloon Rides for Two

There’s nothing quite like sharing a memorable experience together amidst the clouds in a hot air balloon with someone special. Our collection of hand-picked balloon rides for two will have you dizzy with delight and elated with excitement – ready for take-off at a balloon site near you. Whether it’s your other half, sibling or friend that gets the golden ticket as your lucky passenger, we’ve covered all bases to ensure an incredible day out.

Everything you need to know...

Is it safe?

Yes! Very! Hot air ballooning is a highly regulated activity. Each pilot is expertly trained, and we follow strict guidelines to ensure a safe, pleasurable flight for all on board.

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