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Supercar Driving Experiences

Officially, the first supercar was the Lamborghini Muira in 1966, even though some ‘experts’ argue a case for the 1964 Ford GT40 as the first incarnation (despite being a purpose-built race car). But let’s not split hairs here. Whatever the consensus or opinion is amongst petrolheads, it’s agreed that the good times after WWII lead to a revolution in automotive design and a shift in garage tastes for the everyday man or woman (not to mention their changes in fashion, music and other pop-culture too). The demand for luxury, speed and power paved the way for a new breed of road legal and completely outrageous, ‘supercars’. We’ve been hooked ever since, and the rest is history.

But what’s your dream supercar? Perhaps the allure of a flamboyant Ferrari F430 ticks your boxes? Or maybe the automotive masterpiece of a Porsche 911 gets you revved up? Or even a sleek Lamborghini Gallardo? Whatever your taste in supercars, we’ve got the essential selection of driving experiences to suit all petrolheads – from a 3-mile blast in one car to taking the helm of six (yes, six) for 3-miles each! The question is, have you got what it takes to become a driving hero?

Supercar Experiences

Does that annoying itch never seem to disappear no matter what incarnation of driving experience you have? Perhaps your latest hot hatch or super saloon encounter just hasn’t cut the mustard. Well we have the answer. Go all out and feed your need for speed with the ultimate petrolhead dream behind the wheel in one of a number of unrivalled supercar experiences, guaranteed to blow your mind!

Junior Supercar Driving

Know a young person who’d love a supercar junior driving experience? Whether they’ve never turned a wheel in anger yet, or have already passed their driving test, grant their wish and forever be in their good books with a chance to tame a selection of mouth-watering supercars. Gift the perfect day out and give them the chance to become the envy of all their school friends!

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