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Skydiving, Parachute Jumps and Tandem Skydiving

Are you ready to take the ultimate plunge? Experience the exhilarating rush of flying with a hair-raising skydiving experience in the UK. Take on the ultimate challenge and get the adrenaline kick you have been yearning for. There are a whole host of experiences, from wind tunnels to tandem skydiving and parachute jumps. Enjoy a nerve-tingling skydiving thrill with a day out that is full of excitement. The sky’s the limit!

Take The First Leap With Wind Tunnel Skydiving

Be utterly blown away with an indoor skydiving experience at iFLY (formerly Airkix). Feel the full rush of the wind tunnel with all the same thrills as plummeting though the sky. This skydiving simulator replicates a real freefall with a purpose built air chamber that makes you feel as though you are falling at hundreds of miles per hour! This experience is ideal for those who have not quite got their sky legs yet.

Tandem Skydiving With A Qualified Instructor

Take the ultimate leap of faith with an exciting tandem skydiving experience. Feel the adrenaline rush through you as you embark on a thrill seeking adventure and plunge from way up above. Slip into your jumpsuit, board the plane and take to the skies as you prepare yourself for an exhilarating test of bravery. Once strapped safely to an experienced and qualified instructor, you will jump from the plane thousands of feet in the air. The expert will take care of deploying your parachute and returning you to the world below. Whether you are a keen beginner or an experienced adrenaline junkie, there are a wide selection of tandem skydives to choose from.

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