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Soar above the world and feel a rush of energy with our exhilarating skydiving experiences! Maybe you've considered it in the past and haven't felt quite ready to try it out or you've overheard a loved one discussing their interest in the daring action sport? Whatever the case, our range of skydiving and parachuting experiences are the right choice if you want to test it out yourself or make someone's dreams come true. Well, you've come to this page so you're already half way there in making your skydiving decision so read on to find out more!

What do the experiences include?

We have a superb range of skydiving and parachuting experiences available that cater to everyone's needs. From tandem skydiving to static line parachuting, our elite choice of experiences allow you to take to the skies in style and really get the most out of this scintillating opportunity.

Each experience makes for a fantastic gift regardless of the occasion. Whether it's your sister's birthday or you want to spoil your best friend, they're guaranteed to have the time of their life at 13,000 feet in the air! Even the thought of skydiving can get your heart-racing therefore each experience includes detailed safety regulations, both theoretical and practical sessions as well as landing techniques, so when it comes to the big jump it'll seem like a breeze.

If you're loved one has a fear of heights or perhaps isn't quite ready to take the big leap of faith then we have the perfect gift for them. Our indoor skydiving experiences take place at the fantastic Airkix, an indoor skydiving centre where visitors jump into a perfectly safe column of air. The wind tunnel mimics the feeling of freefall so it's as close to the real deal as you can get!

Our parachute jump experiences are held at superb locations across the UK, so whichever gift you purchase you'll be close to the action. Go ahead and give someone the surprise of a lifetime, the sky's the limit!