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Indoor Skydiving


Indoor skydiving is the perfect gift for those who love adventure but aren't quite ready for that knee-wobbling first jump from dizzying heights. Gear up with equipment provided, receive a safety briefing on the flight deck, then let the smooth air cushion lift you up, up and away! With a certificate of achievement at the end, take away more than cherished memories from your exhilarating day at iFLY.

Buyagift has partnered with iFLY (formerly Airkix) Indoor Skydiving, to make this experience available to the masses at a wind tunnel near you! The perfect fun-filled day out that’s guaranteed to be the safest way to experience the exceptional conditions of freefall flight, from iFLY in Basingstoke to indoor skydiving in Manchester. Take the leap now!

What's an Indoor Skydiving Experience Really Like?

An indoor skydiving experience allows you to feel the rush of high-speed air in a purpose-built wind tunnel, for a length of time that an ordinary skydiver wouldn't achieve, which is the equivalent of jumping from 24,000 feet. Or in layman’s terms, that’s 23 times the height of London's Shard! On an ordinary jump it can be tricky for first-timers to fully appreciate the experience before pulling their parachute. But with indoor skydiving there's no need to cut the enjoyment short.

You'll receive a safety briefing from a qualified iFLY instructor, who’ll then throw some shapes in the wind tunnel to show you how it's done. When it's time for you to try, simply step into the chamber, lean forward into the wind and enjoy being swept off your feet. The instructor will position you in a neutral position, then it's up to you to master going forwards, backwards, sideways and more.

For those who have already caught the skydiving bug, there's an extended indoor skydive with the chance to fly an incredible four times! And if you're looking for a gift to give a couple, browse our extensive collection of amazing skydiving experiences for two.

Indoor Skydiving near Me

Prepare to be blown away with an iFLY indoor skydiving experience. It’s surprisingly easy, and completely exhilarating! With three locations dotted around the country, including Milton Keynes, Basingstoke and Manchester, everyone can get in on the iFLY fun wherever you live. Experience the excitement of leaping from incredible heights in total safety, from indoor skydiving in Milton Keynes to high-flying adrenaline thrills in Basingstoke. Suit up in your skydiving gear and brace yourself for an incredible indoor skydive near you.