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Ever wondered what it's like to be a hamster in a ball? Or, pondered over what it must be like inside a washing machine - after it's been switched on? Well, that's not as odd as it sounds, because now you can find out for yourself - on your very own UK UK Zorbing experience!

Think of zorbing a bit like a fairground ride. Because it really is a fantastic experience for anybody who fancies them self as a bit of a thrill seeker - and it's entirely safe!

Friendly instructors strap you into an oversized inflatable ball, before setting you off on your journey downhill. You'll reach speeds of up to 30mph - how cool is that? There are two types of Zorbing experiences - Harness and aqua Zorbing. The latter is done without a harness, and both are suitable for one or two people - meaning you can share these thrilling experiences with a friend.

Now back to our washing machine analogy. There was method to the madness, there, because our thrilling aqua Zorbing experiences are available at top locations all over the UK. Bookable as a solo or duo experience, the same principle applies, only this time,we add 30 litres of water. Oh, and although there isn't a harness for this one, it is entirely safe - if a little like spending time in a quick spin wash.

Once you've arrived at your chosen location, you'll receive an introductory lesson in how to 'Zorb'. Once confident enough, you'll be asked to climb inside through a stretchy hole. Depending on your chosen experience, you'll then either be strapped in or be asked to lie down in the water at the bottom of the ball. Before you know it, you'll be tearing down that hill at lightning speed. Well, OK, 30mph, anyway - but it really is good fun!