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Bungee Jumping

3,2,1...BUNGEE! Looking for a gift for an adrenaline junkie? Perhaps you'd like to face your fear of heights? Experience the thrill that is bungee jumping in the UK! What could be more exhilarating than freefalling towards the ground, travelling from 0-60mph in under two seconds!

If there is one thing you should try in your life, it's bungee jumping! We have a super selection to choose from - and all at top locations across the UK. Prices start at £49 for a standard bungee jump, or if you'd rather share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with somebody special, then we also offer tandem bungee jumps. Take the plunge together and experience what is often described as a real sense of euphoric achievement!

Perhaps you're looking for a gift for thrill seeing couples? We really recommend the Lovers Leap Tandem Bungee Jump experience. They'll have the unique opportunity to leap from a 170 foot platform in unison, with a nice bottle of champagne waiting for them at the bottom.

If you're adrenaline driven, you might want to take it that one step-further when you're bungee jumping in the UK. Ever heard of Bridge jumping? Well, as the name would suggest, this is an experience where you quite literally leap from a bridge attached to a bungee rope. Sited in Middlesbrough, you will dive from the impressive Transporter Bridge towards the convivial waters of the river Tees - it's great!

Indoor bungee jumping is the new craze. Imagine it... You're in semi-darkness, spotlights dart around the breathtaking building while dry ice fills the air You begin your 150 foot ascent up the steps to the platform. You arrive, you're 150 foot up and music is pumping out of the wall of speakers around you - you're in the zone. 3...2...1 JUMP! It's a great feeling which is why an indoor bungee would make the perfect gift for a thrill seeker.

We also have a fantastic selection of high wire experiences such as the Awesome Foursome Experience.

The Catapult experience is extremely popular. Simply speaking, you're safely strapped in with a secure harness before being quite literally,catapulted 100ft in the air with little more than your harness and bungee cord. Almost an anti-bungee jump (given that you're sent straight into their rather than down), if you think you've done it all - this is the experience for you!