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Shoot from the hip with our paintball experiences

Paintballing is the closest thing to a real combat situation you can get! Equipped with a gas-propelled paintball gun, safety goggles and camouflage overalls, you'll take to the woods for several adrenaline fuelled games of shoot 'em up! Be careful to wear comfortable (ideally padded) clothing and practical shoes that you don't mind getting paint on! UK paint ball is an exhilarating experience, making you feel like an SAS soldier. Put your skills to the test with our UK paintball experience.

Paintballing was first invented in the 1970s to re-stage the thrill of a firefight in a non-lethal environment. It has since developed into a popular sport involving teamwork, marksmanship, strategy and of course shooting people with paintballs. Enjoyed by millions worldwide, paintball is the perfect birthday gift. It makes for a great birthday party activity or a brilliant gift for him.

With over 100 venues nationwide, our paintballing for eight experience will see you taking part in games such as 'Capture the Flag', 'Defend and Attack' and 'Elimination'. Avoid being 'tagged' (hit with a paintball) and tag as many foes possible- it's as simple as that! Paintballing takes place in wooded countryside surroundings so you will be able to sweep through the forest like a real soldier.

If armoured vehicles are more your sort of war then look no further than our tank paintballing experience. Like paintballing but with bigger guns and less running, you and your tank team will get the opportunity to drive the tank, fire the cannon, re-load it and fire the attached air powered paintball gun. Add a combat zone, an enemy and a competition to the mix and you've got yourself an incredible adventure day!

Treat yourself to a day out in the woods with a difference with our incredible paintballing experiences.