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Paintballing Experiences

Paintballing is the closest way of feeling like you’re in a real combat situation. The concept of paint guns actually first originated with farmers and foresters using them as a tool to mark cattle and trees (fun fact, but let’s not get into that). Paintballing as we know it was first invented to re-stage the thrill of a firefight in a non-lethal environment. It has since developed into a popular game involving teamwork, marksmanship, strategy and of course a chance to unleash all-out war (without being arrested) with gelatine-skinned paint pellets. Browse our adrenaline fuelled paintballing experiences to start your very own war game and unleash your inner Rambo in a game of cat and mouse with family and friends!

Book a Group Paintballing Party

It’s more fun with a little help from your friends. Equipped with a gas-propelled paintball gun, safety goggles and camouflage overalls to resemble a true warrior of the battlefield, become one with nature and take to the woods to outwit and overpower a determined enemy! From paintballing outings in small groups to family paintballing experiences, join fun-filled games like capture the flag, elimination or defend and attack to see if you have the determination and survival skills to become the last one standing! Lock, load and get ready for an incredible adventure day out! What does your war face look like?

Battle It Out with Tank Battle Paintballing

If you’re a fan of the box office smash ‘Fury’ starring Brad Pitt as a hardened WWII tank commander, this one’s for you! Bring in the big guns to show who’s boss by unleashing concentrated war in the British countryside with a specially modified FV432 tank for a paintball battle to remember! Master operations, off-road driving and pin your ducks in a row to obliterate an illusive enemy tank on a muddy battlefield. Will you prove victorious? Or end up with a tank drenched in paint?

Low Impact Paintballing

If you’d rather take the ‘ouch’ factor out of the action and fearlessly wage war amongst your friends and family, low impact paintballing at The Zap Combat Centre is the winning choice. Ideal for birthdays, kids parties or spontaneous family outings, arm up and prepare your best sharp-shooting skills in a safe, controlled environment – perfect for first timers!