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Helicopter Lessons

Dip your toes into the world of aviation and feel the thrill of flight with an exhilarating helicopter flying lesson. Perhaps you’re looking to test out a budding interest in piloting or even face a fear of flying? Whatever the reason, time in one of these agile helicopters is sure to be an experience to remember or make the perfect gift for a flying enthusiast you know. So, whether you want to give the gift of flight or treat yourself to a new adventure, we’ve got locations across the UK to choose from to get started!

Try Your Hand at Aviation with a Helicopter Flying Lesson

Riding as a passenger not quite the adrenaline rush you were hoping for? Take your daring spirit to new heights and get your hands on the controls with helicopter flying lessons. Or, perhaps try a tactical flying lesson to learn the skills of piloting and vital navigation skills? If you’re looking to go one step further, be sure to choose a flight where you’ll receive a completion certificate to put towards a full pilot's licence.

What Type of Helicopters Are Used for Lessons?

The lesson will usually take place in a two or four-seater training helicopter. Dual controlled, the helicopters used are rated as one of the most versatile helicopters for training and lessons around the world.

Are There Height and Weight Restrictions for Flying a Helicopter?

Smaller two-seater planes have a weight limit of around 100kg. Those who are more than 6ft3" may struggle to get inside this type of helicopter. Limits will be higher in the four-seater helicopters.

How Long Will the Helicopter Lesson Last?

Typically, the flights will last between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on the option you choose. Even on the shorter lesson, you will get to take charge and fly the chopper yourself!