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Zip World

Thrill seekers and speed freaks should check out our selection of amazing offers for heart-pumping Zip World experiences. Home to the fastest zip line in the world – the Velocity – Zip World’s Penrhyn Quarry in Snowdonia, Wales is the Mecca for this rapidly growing phenomenon in the UK. The epic Titan, Plummet, Safari and Skyride experiences are also unmissable. Other hair-raising activities offered by these outdoor adventure pioneers include the Caverns and Bounce Below, for serious high jinks deep underground, plus the Treetop Nets Adventure for children.

Velocity The fastest in the world!

The speediest on earth and also the longest zip line experience in Europe. An exhilarating, electrifying ride, not for the faint of heart! To prepare you for Velocity, you’ll get a ride on the smaller Little Zipper to build up your confidence and courage for the main event. Then it’s a fun ride in a big red truck up to the top of the quarry as anticipation builds for the epic Velocity experience.

Reach 100mph+

You’ll have a moment to enjoy the stunning views over to Anglesey and the Isle of Man before being strapped in, hanging from the cable horizontally and with your head facing forwards Superman-style! Then it’s launch time, and with your heart in your mouth you’ll experience the nearest thing to flying, wind roaring in your ears as you reach speeds of well over 100mph hurtling down over the vast Penrhyn Quarry. We offer this bucket-list experience as exclusive packages for one person or for two people. You can treat yourself to a solo ride or choose to race a companion side-by-side!

Titan Sit up and pay attention

From the fastest to the largest zip line in Europe! A four-person experience with flyers in a seated position, allowing for a slightly less extreme ride and a better view over the stunning Welsh scenery and beyond. You’ll cover three different stages of lines – Alfa, Bravo and Charlie – as you make your way down the mountain in style.

Wired for winter

Speed down a phenomenal total of 2,000m of cables, feeling the wind rushing past your face and watching the scenery fly past during this experience that lasts around two hours in total. We offer the towering Titan ride as a voucher for one person or for two peopl, as well as an overnight package that includes a ride for two plus bed and breakfast at the nearby Royal Victoria Hotel. Titan is open year-round, allowing for breakthtaking views over the snow-covered mountains and valleys of Blaenau Ffestiniog and beyond.

Bounce Below Nets-generation fun!

A fabulous subterranean playground deep under the Welsh countryside at Blaenau Ffestiniog. Bounce Below is a series of trampoline-like nets, walkways and slides suspended in two huge caverns that are twice the size of St Paul’s Cathedral!

Technicolour trampolines

Jump, climb, run and explore the stunning 176-year old underground formations which are beautifully-lit with colourful lights. We offer this fun day out as a voucher for one person or for two people. Suitable for anyone over 7 years of age, this experience will have you bouncing off the walls.

Caverns The Indiana Jones experience

Take the plunge and explore deep underground for the Zip World Caverns Experience. A thrilling and challenging series of zip lines, rope bridges, ladders, tunnels and via ferrata in dramatically-lit subterranean caverns. Atmospheric and mesmerising, this is unlike anything you’ve done before.

Steepest zip wire in the UK

Your Caverns experience ends with the grand finale of the steepest zip wire in the UK… and it’s underground! You’ll fly through the cool air – always 10°C down here – and emerge into the world above with memories to last a lifetime. Choose a voucher for one, two, or four people – a truly mindblowing family day out.

Treetop Nets Adventure Monkeying around at Zip World Fforest

Perfect for thrill-seekers as young as 3-4 years old, the Treetop Nets Adventure takes place at Zip World Fforest. Featuring the highest Treetop Nets in the world – 60ft up in the canopy – this breathtaking experience includes net walkways winding 250m through mature woodland. Bounce, run and climb between tree houses, free from any harness thanks to the enclosed netting walls.

This lofty treetop scramble is available as a voucher for one child aged 3-4 years and as an adult ticket for anyone aged 5 years or over.

Safari, Plummet and Skyride Lions not included

This stunning Zip World Safari experience includes 23 wild zip lines, high rope challenges, plus the 100ft high Plummet Tower. This uses the amazing Powerfan parachute simulator, allowing you to jump from the platform and experience a soft landing. Finally, the Skyride is a five-seater swing that is sure to finish off your safari in style.

We offer this combination of thrills as a voucher for one person aged 9 years and over. An exciting and scenic experience for the whole family!

Visit Zip World Velocity and Titan in North Wales, the zip line capital of the world.

The fastest zip line in the world, and the longest in Europe

  • - Start on the Little Zipper, before braving the Big Zipper
  • - Zip like Superman, head first
  • - Reach speeds in excess of 100mph at 500ft high

Visit Zip World Velocity and Titan in North Wales, the zip line capital of the world.

The ultimate group zipping experience

  • - Ride three zip lines, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, alongside friends
  • - Zip in a seated position
  • - Travel over 2,000m