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Flying Experiences

Our flying experiences come in many different shapes and sizes. Ever wondered what it's like to travel in a hot air balloon? How about a De Havilland Chipmunk? From bird's eye views of the capital to the stunning vistas of the countryside we have a flying gift for every occasion and personality. If they want to get their hands on the controls or parachute out of a plane they'll be able to do that too as we've rounded up the best aviation gifts just for you.

What Kind of Flying Experience are You After? An aspiring pilot

You don't have to endure years of training to fly one of our aircrafts as each experience is assisted by a qualified instructor. We have loads of plane flying lessons and helicopter flying lessons that are the real deal! If you're buying a gift for someone who's a little reluctant to get off the ground then spoil them to a flying simulator experience.

The daredevil

If they crave adrenaline and a heart-stopping adventure then you won't need to look any further. Make them feel on top of the world with our skydiving and parachuting experiences or if they want to stay up in the air how about a day of gliding? Trying to please a thrill-seeker? Our aerobatic experiences aren't for the faint-hearted!

The relaxed type

If they want to take to the skies at a leisurely pace then you're sure to find something amongst our fantastic range of flying gifts. Why not treat your other half to a sail through the skies with one of our microlight experiences?

Our flying experiences make the perfect gift for partners, relatives and friends so go on spoil them to a wonderful day up in the clouds. They are guaranteed to remember a gift like this for the rest of their lives.