How to Drive a Monster Truck

If you’re wanting to unleash your inner Evel Knievel with a new and exciting adventure experience, a spin in a mammoth monster truck will not disappoint! Around 12ft tall, 12.5ft wide, 17ft long and weighing in at about 12,000 pounds, a monster truck can generate up to a colossal 1,500 horsepower. Does that sound adrenaline-fuelled enough for you?

Well, you better buckle up and brace for a bumpy ride because we’ve put together everything you need to know about how to drive a monster truck in this handy guide. From basics to consider before you climb aboard to safety tips and how to book a driving session, get ready to master the monster!

Basics on How to Drive a Monster Truck

These mean machines require a lot of skill and concentration from their daredevil drivers, so let’s start from the very beginning and cover off some key basics you’ll need to think about before driving a monster truck. We’ve listed some top tips below but your professional instructor will also be on hand to show you the ropes and run you through a comprehensive safety briefing on the day.

Climbing Aboard

Although this might sound obvious, getting into a monster truck is harder than you might think! The truck doesn’t have any doors so unlike a normal car, you’ll need to limber up and climb into the vehicle from the bottom through its steel frame. After some wiggling and clambering, you’ll eventually have made your way up to your eight-foot high driver’s seat.

Get to Know Your Beast

Before you start tearing up the track, it’s really important that you familiarise yourself with the inside of the vehicle. Have a good look around the cabin and locate each control and piece of equipment around you.
The gas pedal, for example, is quite different to a normal car’s accelerator as the pedal will feature a hook that goes over your toes to help you stay in control when the ride ahead gets a little bumpy! The hook is also there to help you pull the pedal back into place if it doesn’t come back on its own if the throttle jams.
Similarly, you’ll never have seen a steering wheel like this before. Your instructor will talk you through the monster truck’s unique four-wheel steering system – this incredibly powerful control will allow you to operate the front and rear steering separately so it’s super important that you learn and practise how it functions before you take a spin on the high octane driving course awaiting you.

Safety First

The seat belt in a monster truck is very different to the usual setup you're used to in a standard road vehicle as it contains up to six components that ensure you remain securely strapped in throughout your drive. Take the time to make sure every part is clipped in as it should be and double check with your instructor before you hit the ignition. As a heads up, the seat belt will also be a lot tighter than ones you’ve worn before as the device features special tightening mechanisms to keep you from being flung around the cabin.
Other than your belt, make sure the truck is set up correctly for you. Speak to your instructor to help them set your seat up correctly for your weight and height, as well as your steering wheel and backrest. You need to be as comfortable as possible while driving the truck and ensure your range of movement isn’t constrained to prevent any discomfort or unnecessary injury.
And, finally, listen to your instructor! They’ll run you through a full safety briefing upon arrival, so be sure to pay full attention. From driving tips to control information, you’ll also receive vital tips on how to have fun without any risk to your health while in the vehicle.

Do Monster Truck Drivers Sit or Stand?

There’s no two ways about it, when driving a monster truck you absolutely must be seated. After all, if you were standing, how on earth would you be able to secure yourself well enough to weather the driving storm ahead? You’d be thrown around like a ping pong ball!

Every monster truck driver, amateur or professional, must abide by the Monster Truck Racing Association’s safety manual. These guidelines clearly state that the seat belt must be secured at all times and that while the engine is running the driver is required to be in their seat which is mounted to the frame of the truck for safety purposes.

Safety Tips for Driving Monster Trucks

As well as the measures we outlined in the basics section above, there are many other key safety elements you need to be aware of when taming these metal mega monsters. Here are a few of the top safety tips you need to know.

Limber Up

Driving a monster truck is a workout – period. So, before you mount your machine, take the time to walk around, take some deep breaths and stretch out your legs because, trust us, they’re truly about to be put through their paces!

Prepare for the Effects of Vibrations

It really is a bumpy ride so you need to be prepared for the effects of the vibrations you’re going to endure. Many experts suggest tilting the driver’s seat back a little to reduce the amount of vibration absorbed by your spine. Another great way to improve shock absorption is to ensure the truck’s tires are at the appropriate pressure, so it's a great idea to check with your instructor beforehand.

Know Your Limits

Driving a monster truck is no mean feat – you’re going to be worn out when all the fun’s over! And while you may be spurred on by adrenaline, if you start feeling too tired or weary at any point, don’t be tempted to power on. Many accidents occur in huge vehicles such as these when the driver is fatigued as they lose focus and control so be honest with yourself about when enough’s enough.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

There’s no dress code when it comes to monster truck driving. Wear something comfortable and loose fitting. You’ll be provided with safety gear when you arrive at your experience. Flat shoes are the best for driving monster trucks. Even if it’s not sunny and dry, your experience will still likely go ahead, waterproof clothing will be provided for you.

How to Be a Monster Truck Driver

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