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Spitfire Flying Experiences

Ever dreamed of a day out soaring above the clouds in an iconic Spitfire fighter? Scramble to your plane, fire up the mighty Merlin engine and fly into battle with a flight simulator experience you’ll never forget. Named “The Few” by Sir Winston Churchill, against abysmal odds of 2,600 fearsome Luftwaffe aircraft, 640-strong Hurricanes and Spitfires flew into a bloody battle during the Battle of Britain over the English Channel in June 1940. Forever indebted by the heroism, sheer resilience and bravery displayed during our finest hour that summer, we owe our freedom to the gallant men, women and aircraft of the RAF. With big boots to fill, will you overcome the determined Luftwaffe to become a fighter ace at the helm of a Spitfire over the South of England?

Spitfire Flight Simulator Experiences

Browse our Spitfire flying simulator experiences to become fully immersed in a World War II dogfight. Re-live iconic battles over England in a realistic cockpit of a Supermarine Spitfire or German Messerschmitt BF109. Soak up the sights, sounds and electrifying theatre of all-out war! Keep your wits about you, make every machine gun bullet count and don’t forget to check your six for incoming bandits!