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Fishing Experiences

Get hooked on one of our fabulous fishing experiences. Not only is this leisure sport satisfying, fishing offers you the chance to destress, unwind and master outdoor skills! The thrill lies in the challenge. Can you catch an elusive trout? From Leicestershire to Wales, choose a location most suited to you and discover the art of reeling in a catch. From casting the rod to assembling tackle, you’ll become a fine fisherman in no time.

Gifts for Fishing Fanatics

Fishing, angling, whatever you like to call it, is the sport of catching fish typically with rod, line and hook. One of humankind’s earliest tools however involved wood and bone, or stone, pointed at both ends and covered in some sort of bait. Recreational fishing can be traced back hundreds of years, whilst fishing for food – we’re talking thousands! With the discovery of a 40,000-year-old skeleton in 2003, there is evidence that Tianyuan man used to regularly eat freshwater fish. Pretty mind-bubbling.

Learn How to Fly Fish

Spend a day out on the lake with a spot of fly fishing. An expert fisherman will be on hand to teach you all the fishing dos and don’ts, including how to read the water and how to cast a fly. If you’re seeking a truly immersive experience, try your luck at target shooting in Aberdeenshire, alongside an insightful introduction to fly fishing. In Leicestershire, you can fish in the heart of Rutland Water – Europe’s largest man-made lake. What aquatic beauties will you discover? Take two of your catches home to cook up a tasty seafood storm! And to reel in the glory, of course.