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Movie Car Driving Experiences

Steve McQueen’s ‘Bulitt’ movie car chase with an evil villain in a Dodge Charger in downtown San Francisco. Paul Walker’s heroic MK1 Escort jump in Fast & Furious 6. The timeless silhouette of the Elanor GT500 Mustang sliding down back streets, evading capture from the law in Gone in 60 Seconds. The Bumblebee Camaro SS saving the world from an oppressive Decepticon invasion in Transformers. The list goes on and on. But whatever movie car sticks in your imagination and gets you all revved up, there’s no denying that we hold the keys to some of the best Hollywood film cars this side of the pond. And here’s your chance to make childhood dreams come true (for big kids too) by stepping into the shoes of a film star and grabbing the set of keys you fancy from our line-up. No matter your generation or taste, we’ve got something for all car nuts to immerse into a petrolhead’s driving dream.

Muscle Car Experiences

If the chime of a rumbling V8 and muscle car Americana plays to your heart strings, we’ve covered all bases for movie buffs with speed in their hearts and gasoline in their veins with our collection of muscle icons from the silver screen. With a mass of locations across the UK to choose from and an expert instructor by your side to show you the ropes, brush up on car control and maybe, just maybe, Universal might come knocking on your door one day! Step aside Nicolas Cage and Vin Diesel, there’s a new stunt driver in town!

Drive up to Five Movie Cars

American muscle versus exotic European classics. An age-old argument. And one that you can put to rest finally with a drive in both camps to settle the debate. Attain the ultimate bragging rights and feel like Jeremy Clarkson or Richard Hammond by letting all your friends down the pub and at work know the inside scoop once and for all how the likes of a V8 Mustang compares against a Ford Escort MK1? Perhaps a Chevrolet Corvette against an Aston Martin? Or, go all out with a drive in up to five! Are you up to the challenge?

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