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Hovercraft Experiences

Prepare to make waves in the world of watersports with a thrilling hovercraft experience. Invented by English engineer Christopher Cockerell, this multifunctional machine uses a cushion of air to move and support itself. So, what is a hovercraft driving experience? It’s an adventure like no other. The hovercraft can travel on both land and water with ease. Experience cruising along in this remarkable vehicle and take to the water for an adrenaline-pumping thrill. We have something for both the rookie and the pro, from navigating a purpose-built course to learning to fly a hovercraft.

What to Expect from a Hovercraft Experience

If you’ve tried flyboarding before and are looking for something a little different, a hovercraft experience is something equally as fun and unique. Enjoy the incredible power of a hovercraft and receive personal one-to-one tuition from an expert instructor before making a splash in the water. Get to grips with the controls before you challenge the limits of this speedy machine. Test your skills and if you’re feeling competitive, ramp up the speed for an exciting race! Being at the helm of a hovercraft is sure to be an exhilarating ride. This is the ideal gift for a keen adventurer.