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Brands Hatch Driving Experiences

Britain’s first post-World War II racetrack, Brands Hatch embodies every essence and characteristic of a petrolhead’s mecca. Seeped in rich motorsport history and one of the UK’s last unspoilt circuits, its natural amphitheatre nestled in the serene Kent hillside has played host to some of the most hotly contested battles and glorious moments in British motorsport. Jim Clark nipping championship rival Graham Hill by three seconds at the inaugural British Grand Prix in 1964, at the tender age of 22. The heart-stopping collision at Druids in ’76 between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Nigel Mansell’s emotional win in a Williams to bid goodbye to Brands Hatch on the F1 calendar in ’86, in front of thousands of adoring fans. The list goes on. And now’s your chance to retrace those racing lines of legends gone by, on the 2.4 miles of iconic tarmac with one of our incredible Brand’s Hatch driving experience days.

Brands Hatch Track Days

If you or a petrolhead in your life dream of grabbing the reins of a state-of-the-art supercar or F1-inspired, single-seater, here’s your chance to unleash your inner driving god and channel those underlying adrenaline cravings. From F4 single-seaters and hot-hatch blasts to five-supercar drives all in one day, our selection of purpose-built machines cater towards all kinds of driving styles and tastes with our range of Brands Hatch track days.

Rally Driving at Brands Hatch

Rally drivers are a rare breed – requiring nerves of steel, fancy footwork and copious amounts of trust between each crew. Hinging every movement of the car on each pacenote from the co-driver as you slide between trees and obstacles at intense speeds, certainly separates the coy from the brave. Jump into a gravel-prepared GT86 to handbrake turn, test blistering acceleration and Scandinavian flick your way to become the ‘Brandsmaster’ of the rally course. Have you got what it takes?

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