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Diggerland Experiences

Diggerland’s origins like many great eureka moments, started out as a straightforward PR exercise with a simple intention to showcase diggers and construction machinery to the masses and potential customers. Organiser Hugh Edeleanu was amazed by the popularity and fascination from the younger audience present for the larger than life toys and their impressive capabilities to haul all kinds of different materials. A real-life ‘Toy Story’ scenario come to life it seemed! So, get in on the action and plan your perfect day out to enjoy buckets full of fun and go head to head against family members or friends behind the wheel (or joystick) of a formidable digger or dumper! With locations up and down the country to cover all regions, there’s no excuse to start your Diggerland adventure today.

JCB Experiences at Diggerland

Step aside Formula One, a new player is in town. Break away from all forms of conventional rules of speed and aerodynamics with an eight and a half ton JCB, to tear around an off-road track to your heart’s content. Or, turn your hand to a smaller dumper in Diggerland’s fleet and join a hotly contested grid to put pedal to the metal for the race of your life! But don’t be fooled by size, these formidably robust machines are made of strong (and seriously agile) stuff! Guaranteeing barrels of laughs and fun-filled competition for all involved, this racing opportunity isn’t one to miss! Motorsport comes in some unusual guises and forms sometimes. This one is certainly up there!