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Donington Park Circuit Driving Experiences

As well as having a great service station, Donington is home to one of the top racing tracks in the country. It is one of only a handful of circuits that has held a Formula 1 event in the UK, and the European Grand Prix was held at Donington in 1993. It was won by the late Ayrton Senna and a memorial statue to his victory still stands by the gift shop. The circuit came within a hairs breadth of hosting the British Grand Prix again in the late noughties, but the deal did not take place and the British Grand Prix continues to take place in Silverstone.

Donington offers a fantastic variety of cars and experiences for those wishing to enjoy this famous track themselves. One of the only tracks to offer a single seater experience, it also offers a range of high-performance rally and race cars, from the Nissan GTR to the Lamborghini Gallardo to the Ariel Atom. There are even combinations of two, three and four supercar thrills, for those who finding choosing a little more difficult or want to compare these top-class vehicles.

Britains famous circuits are very well maintained; millions has gone into renovating and re-laying them over the years, and as they regularly host driving events and championships, theres no chance of arriving to potholes or uncut grass.

But then, since you're on a classic British racing track, perhaps you'd prefer to drive a classic British racing car? If none of the above tickle your fancy then pick out an Aston Martin and take it for a spin around the smooth corners and exhilarating straights of this top track. Try out the 4.3l, 6-speed V8 Vantage at Donington for yourself.

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