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Rockingham Speedway

Rockingham is one of the newest racing circuits in the UK and the first purpose built track constructed since Brooklands was created in 1907. The track has a number of possible formations, the oval circuit has banked, wide corners and long straights which makes it one of the quickest in Europe. The track has other formations too, the longest stretching 2.56 miles.

Finished in 2001, Rockingham is very popular with speed enthusiasts. Speeds of up to 215mph have been recorded at the track; Tony Kanaan achieved this in a Ford/Lola Champ Car in 2001. If you're looking for the quickest lap-times possible, try a F1-style car with our single seater driving experience. Try some of the fastest cars available on one of the quickest tracks in the country!

Not your style? Prefer a car with a little more comfort, a little more style? You can take your pick from any number of sports cars available. Our Lamborghini driving experiences get you in the driving seat of one of the most stylish and elegant sports cars there are.

The great thing about Rockingham's modern facilities is that it can provide some rather more unusual driving days than some of the older, less well equipped tracks. For example, if you've ever thought about what it would be like to aquaplane a car, or how to you would keep control of a skidding car, check through the Rockingham driving experiences for the 'Skidding!' experience.

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