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Aerobatic Wing Walking Experiences

Step things up a peg or two with our collection of amazing aerobatic and wing walking flying experiences. Push it to the limit and feel the need for speed in the cockpit of a propeller or jet aircraft from our fleet, for the ride of your life. Or, take a walk on the wild side at the top of the wing for the best seat in the house! With locations available up and down the country to cast you off on your new aviation adventure, there’s no excuse not to give it a try. Or, give that aviation enthusiast you know the gift of a lifetime! But make sure to leave fear and all inhibitions on the ground.

Aerobatic Flying Experiences

From loop-the-loops and spins to barrel rolls, prepare nerves of steel and a herculean stomach for a day out of incredible g-forces and gravity-defying stunts on the edge of control. You can even get the chance to try your hand at the joystick under the watchful eye of the pilot, if you’re brave enough.

Test Your Nerves with a Wing Walking Experience

How to level up aerobatic flying? Step this way and add a suitable measure of bonkers with an exhilarating wing walking experience on the top of a plane. Feel an average of three times your body weight in g-force, speeds of up to 150mph and aerobatic manoeuvres designed to test the nerves to the limit of the coolest of cucumbers! Whether it’s something for the bucket list or a gift for a fellow adrenaline-seeker, you know, it’s guaranteed to be one gravity-defying ride.

What Does Wing Walking Involve?

For a wing walking experience, you’ll climb up on the top wing of a vintage plane. First, you’ll be strapped into a secure five-point harness. Once you’re up in the air, the plane will perform low-level flypasts at between 100 and 700ft. On average, the plane will be travelling at 80 to 110 mph.

What Type of Aircraft Will Be Used for Wing Walking?

Vintage biplanes such as the Boeing Stearman are often used for these wing walking experiences.