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Glider Gift Experience Days

Soaring for miles on end with nothing but the power of the wind, our gliding experiences are the closest you’ll get to flying like a bird. And what better way to appreciate the true beauty of the picturesque British countryside than from above? Begin with a simulator experience or get straight to soaring across invisible currents on a whirlwind 20-minute flight. We’ve even got half-day gliding courses for the avid aviation enthusiast. Adrenaline junkie? This one’s for you!

Gliding Gift Experiences in England

Nothing quite compares to the excitement of sitting in the cockpit of one of these gracious, modern aircrafts. Test your courage and head down to one of our breathtaking locations for an experience of a lifetime. With an expert instructor on hand, soak up the beautiful landscapes of Surrey, Norfolk, Devon, Wales and more as you glide peacefully through blue skies. It’s an experience you’ll remember for years to come!

How Long Do Glider Flights Last?

You can expect glider flights to last around 5–10 minutes for a beginner lesson, aerotow glider flights to last approximately 15–20 minutes and motorised glider flights to be about 25–30 minutes.

Where to Sit in the Glider

Training gliders are two-seater tandems. The passenger will take the seat at the front whilst the seat at the back will be occupied by the pilot instructor. In some motorised gliders, there will be a side-by-side configuration.

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