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Champagne Tasting Experiences

Champagne – a luxurious sparkling white wine synonymous with celebration and the finer things in life. Produced with a specific variety of grapes from the Champagne region of France, this luxury tipple is loved all over the world. Pop the cork on some of our best Champagne tasting experiences and be sure to mark an upcoming occasion in true style. From birthdays to Christmas and anniversaries to retirement, there’s always a good excuse to open a bottle of fizz.

Browse Champagne tasting experiences in London and take your palate on a journey of discovery. Learn the nuances and flavour profiles of an array of thirst-quenching Champagne flights, from dry to sweet and something more balanced. Spot the colour difference, aromas and complex flavours of your favourite bottle with a crowd-pleasing Champagne tasting party. To complement many of the Champagne tastings in London, a flute or two of your favourite tipple is served up alongside canapes or cheese with nibbles – the perfect accompaniment to an opulent experience spent tasting rare and exceptional sparkling wines. Let the bubbles flow and the festivities commence.

It’s time to raise a glass to good times and elevate a special occasion with a choice of Champagne drinks and dining experiences.