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Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat have redefined the luxury chocolate market since they opened their first shop in 2004 in London. They have taken a fresh, exciting and innovative approach to their art.

Their intense love and passion for chocolate is clear from the care they take over every stage of the process. It starts with growing their own cocoa on their plantation in Saint Lucia and ends with your pleasure.

A Chocolat experience can make an amazing first date, treat for the kids or just because you want to spoil yourself. However they can also make a great accompaniment to lots of other gift experiences because chocolate goes with everything.

Inspiration for the Perfect Day Out Great Tastes and Great Views:

How about a day of stimulating and pleasuring your senses? Why not start off with a Hotel Chocolat afternoon tea experience to excite the taste buds. You can then round off the day with a trip to the top of the Shard for some of the most visually astounding views in London.

A Cultured Taste:

Are you looking to treat a person who has a taste for the finer things in life? Well how about treating that special person to a Chocolate Tasting Adventure, so they can refine their palate with some wonderful flavours. You can then take them to one of our many theatre experiences for a complete day of culture.

The Ultimate Cure for Stress:

Is someone in your life in serious need of a little time to unwind and relax? At Buyagift we have many antidotes for stress but the perfect gift combination for someone whose blood pressure is through the roof is a trip to a day spa followed by an indulgent chocolate experience.

Spoiling the Kids Rotten:

It goes without saying that kids generally love chocolate in all its many and glorious forms. What then can you give them that is better than chocolate? What about a trip to the children's chocolate workshop? It's guaranteed to make them smile all day long.