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Land Rover Experiences

You’ll see Land Rovers everywhere nowadays. If they’re not ferrying the kids to school or to an after-school activity, they’re staying well clear of any form of terrain that could be remotely determined as ‘off-road’. Shake off the Chelsea tractor stigma and stay true to Land Rover’s original purpose in the first place and tackle mighty off-road obstacles no car would dare to challenge. Explore our extensive collection of Land-Rover experiences to satisfy both your inner petrolhead and open up your adventurous side! From junior driving to extended 4x4 driving experiences available UK wide, we have just the ticket to fire up your off-road adventures!

Land Rover Off-Road Experiences

Test nerve, determination and the limits of both man and machine at an off-road track designed to challenge the most determined of thrill-seekers. From towering inclines, mud-filled gullies and ruts that would tear apart your average car, step up to the mark and explore a plethora of exciting Land Rover 4x4 experiences for you to conquer – with a seasoned instructor by your side, of course. Are you up to the challenge?

Junior Land Rover Experience

Treat that youngster who dreams of off-road adventure with an experience behind the wheel of a mighty Land Rover 4x4. Maybe it’ll be their first time or perhaps they’ve ‘had a go’ before. Whatever their experience or confidence level, our extensive collection of junior driving experiences guarantees to help develop the essential driving techniques to help them on their way for the open highway at 17!