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Three Sisters

Based in the industrial heartlands of Lancashire, the Three Sisters circuit is named after 3 huge spoil heaps that occupied the space before it was cleared. The locality is woodland that used to host waste from the coal mining industry, this waste was cleared in the 1970s.

The former brownfield site is now one of the most intricate circuits in the UK and specialises in go-karting and other single seater races. The track can be as short as 400m for this kind of event or can be extended to four times this size. Three Sisters even offers an experience with a genuine ex-Grand Prix Formula 1 car!

Is that not your thing? Would you prefer a car with a little more comfort (or at least a roof and door)? Take a look through the other sports car experiences available. For example, take a Ferrari 360 out for a spin at Three Sisters and you'll get a fast ride in a super cool sports car and won't get wet if it rains!

Three Sisters is very popular with young people because of its karting, but if you'd like to treat a young person to a drive in a real car book one of our junior driving experiences. Three Sisters provides a great service and allows you to put Jenson Button Junior in either a Ferrari or a performance hatchback to give them their first taste of driving.

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