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Thai Cookery Classes

Discover the fresh, fragrant and tasty flavours of Thailand with a Thai cooking class. If anyone has been lucky enough to visit The Land of Smiles itself, they’ll know exactly why Thai cuisine is some of the very best in the world. Cook up an exciting mixture of salty, spicy, sour and sweet dishes!

Since the explosion of Thailand’s tourism in the 1980s, Thai food has been on every foodie’s radar. Uncover the secrets to a delicious Thai dish and treat a future party guest to an unforgettable dining experience with one of our wonderful Thai cooking classes.

Fun Thai Cooking Classes Near Me

Ditch the takeaway and master the art of Thai cookery! Each of our cooking classes will teach you all the culinary skills required to make authentic curries and a selection of other popular Thai dishes.

Whether that special someone is a vegetarian or an avid meat lover, our Thai cooking experiences offer a fabulous insight into making an utterly scrumptious dish from start to finish. Practise balancing flavours while complementing each ingredient with the next. Put a stamp on authentic Thai cuisine whilst tailoring an iconic Thai green curry or a classic Pad Thai! Serve up an Asian storm with a bottle of Chang Beer on the side.