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Whisky Experiences in London

Said to have been created in Scotland in 1494, whisky is a popular tipple that’s loved by many across the world. Whether it’s Japanese, Irish or Scottish versions that hit the spot, our whisky tasting London experiences are the ultimate gift for any aficionados. Did you know that around 34 bottles of whisky are exported from Scotland every second and that whisky is the official state beverage of Alabama? Spend the afternoon at a whisky experience in London and see why many call it liquid gold!

Whisky Tasting Tour London

Get behind the scenes with a fellow whisky connoisseur for an unforgettable distillery tour. Discover how the delicious drink is created, from the initial mashing of malt to the fermentation and distilling process. Top off the tour with a lip-smacking tasting session.

Whisky School Experience London

An educational, fun day out is guaranteed with a whisky school experience for two in London. During the day, you will learn captivating history and immerse in the creation process. This fascinating day out also includes the chance to lend a hand and blend the whisky yourself. The perfect gift for anyone looking for an extraordinary whisky tasting experience in London. And if you’re hooked on our food and drink experiences, check out our others! From cocktail-making sessions to themed culinary cookery classes, dive in and discover the fun!