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Alpaca Walking & Experiences

Alpacas have much more to them than their seriously cute appearance. Beyond their distinctively good looks, these charming creatures bear some of the sleekest, most versatile wool in the animal kingdom. Prized as loving pets and cattle around the world, alpacas are domesticated versions of vicunas, South American camelid – often confused with the equally lovely llama! Also members of the camelid family, llamas are friendly, curious animals and are about twice the size of alpacas! What makes these adorable animals so special? Their kind, social nature. And not to mention those smiley faces, which have become a favourite amongst selfie and animal lovers alike! With their expressive tail twitching and sun-bathing habits, there is so much to love about these wonderfully soft and intriguing creatures.

Alpaca and Llama Walking Experiences

Find a furry friend with one of our fabulous animal experiences. Alpaca walking and llama trekking are fun and fulfilling activities that really pull on the heart strings! If you’re seeking a great family day out, bond with an alpaca on one of our magnificent walking experiences or get up close and personal to a llama on a trekking day out. Greet your new buddy and guide them on a scenic walk, making sure to capture precious memories along the way. Delight your lovable friend with food, strokes and constant cuddles! If you’re as much of a foodie as you are an animal fanatic, indulge in a sparkling or cream afternoon tea after your new-found hobby. Sadly, neither the alpacas or llamas are for sale, but you can take home a little piece of camelid love in your heart.