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Vintage Plane Flights & Experiences

With all the modern technological advances in aviation over the last 30 years, sometimes we forget to appreciate the beauty of flight and the origins of this magnificent accomplishment. In order to rectify this, Buyagift has put together a superb selection of vintage flying experiences where you'll be able to have a flight in some of the most iconic aircraft from bygone eras.

Types of Vintage Plane Experiences

This fantastic selection of aircraft consists of anything from Tiger Moths and Chipmunks to Spitfires. This is a great birthday gift with plenty of different flying options available to everyone, including how to fly like a fighter pilot (perfect for any WWII Battle of Britain enthusiasts).

Vintage Plane Experiences

Most of the aircraft used for our experience days were once used for flight training by the RAF, so you can really get a feel for what it was like to learn to fly in days gone by. You'll experience just how the pilots first felt when they took to the air before they were experienced enough to go on the various missions that they would later encounter.