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Flying Experiences in Wales

Fly high above the spectacular Welsh countryside in a silent and exhilarating glider aircraft. You will pass gracefully over stunning scenery while learning how to control this beautiful aircraft and even get an opportunity to handle the controls yourself. Alternatively take a leisurely trip aboard a hot air balloon, which will also allow you to experience the breath-taking landscape. Why not share the treat with a loved one while sipping champagne and watching the world go by.

There is the opportunity to take part in a four-hour helicopter experience that involves a flying lesson, as well as a tour of the hangers and lunch. If this is a little too long why not take a brief 15-minute helicopter trip as a way to see if flying in this manner is really for you. For the true adrenalin seeker there is the opportunity to feel full blast on a helicopter. The pilot will demonstrate the full range of flying ability of one of these magnificent machines. An unforgettable experience awaits whose brave enough to want to perform steep climbs and tight turns.

Private flying in a small aircraft across the Welsh valleys is another possibility for you to sample during your own introductory flying lesson. The pilot will allow you to command the cockpit in one of these two-seater planes and teach you some basic manoeuvres.

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