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Gin Experiences and Tasting Days

Know someone that loves a perfectly mixed gin and tonic? Or perhaps you want to learn more about your favourite tipple? From tastings to tours, explore an incredible collection of gin experience days to enjoy an irresistibly lip-smacking, gin-themed day out. Our experience collection has been hand-picked to suit the palates of all gin aficionados!

What Is Gin Tasting?

Gin tasting involves learning how gins are made and gaining knowledge on the different flavours, pairings with different flavoured tonics or spices and understanding the types of gins available like London Dry Gin, Plymouth, Dutch and Old Tom Gin. Tasting sessions and tours are held by experts to get the most out of this gift experience.

Where Does Gin Come From?

From early beginnings in the Middle Ages to uses in 16th-century Holland, gin has come a long way. Deriving inspiration from the drink ‘Jenever’ and originally sold as a herbal medicine in Holland (thanks to the alleged health benefits of juniper berries), the spirit made its way to England in the 17th Century after it became popular with British troops who relied on gin for a shot of ‘Dutch courage’ before battles!

By the mid-19th Century, London was a bustling hub of gin making, with the likes of Gordon’s and Tanqueray springing into action, craft gin and the independent distilleries seen today!

Gin Distillery Tours

Think about the last time you sipped on your favourite gin tipple. Have you ever thought about how it’s made or where it came from? One of our gin tasting gifts from our distillery tours would be perfect – and you might be surprised by some of the answers! Maybe you’re interested in the different types of gins out there? Luckily for you, a gin experience masterclass teaches everything you need to know!

Gin Making Experiences

A gin tasting experience doesn’t exclusively cover the tasting part! Our range offers the chance to get hands-on with the process of making your favourite spirit. Try out your favourite flavours to create a tipple exactly suited to you, or be daring and try something new with your own bespoke recipe gin. We have a whole host of other masterclass drink experiences to discover, too – from cocktail and whisky mixology to wine and beer tasting. Immerse in out-of-this-world gin from our food and drink collection worth shouting about.

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