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Flying Experiences in Scotland

In Scotland you can take part in a helicopter experience that involves a flying lesson and tour of the hangers as well as lunch. This four-hour experience would be ideal for someone dreaming of becoming a helicopter pilot one day. Alternatively you could experience the thrill of a short 15-minute ride in a luxurious helicopter over stunning Scottish scenery.

If you would prefer to fly a fixed wing aircraft over the Highlands and Islands of Scotland then you could choose a 60-minute introductory flying lesson. Take the controls of a small aircraft while being supervised by an experienced expert and learn some basic flying skills. Alternatively, why not take a flight with an experienced instructor on a microlight. This highly maneuverable craft can add a different dimension to your flight over Scotland.

Taking a hot air balloon ride over beautiful Scotland would be another way of experiencing this country's tranquility at a slower pace. While floating over the lochs and glens enjoy a glass of bubbly high in the sky. The 360-degree visibility will certainly enhance the overall flying experience that you could appreciate together with another special person.

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