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Flying Experiences in the South West

Experience the bygone era of flying in the South West of England in a Tiger moth aircraft. The pilot may even let you take the controls too as you cruise past beautiful English countryside in this nostalgic aircraft. During a 30-minute session you will learn some basic manoeuvres of this vintage bi-plane, but for those wanting a shorter taste there is the 20minute option available. Alternatively, a longer 40-minute experience is a possibility if you fancy a longer and highly informative experience.

Rolls, loops and spins are catered for during an acrobatic flying experience for the more adventurous flyer. Each flight is a great experience that will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat. If an aerobatic plane is not exactly for you, why not try a helicopter lesson. An expert and experienced pilot will guide you through different aspects of flying one of these beautiful machines.

More leisurely trips can be enjoyed in a hot air balloon by floating through beautiful of South Western scenery. You will experience 360-degree visibility and a totally different flying experience. Enjoy it on your own or together with another special person.

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