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Forget yoga classes or wellness retreats, kitesurfing is the perfect form of meditation for the mind. Remedy stress levels, improve your fitness and enjoy a hobby that’ll fuel your wanderlust and adventure to the nth degree. Brush the day job aside, forget that big meeting and put a rain check on those bills for a couple of hours surrounded by like-minded people, chasing the same adrenaline rush and tranquil form of escapism kitesurfing brings. There’s nothing quite like the fresh ocean breeze on your back, gliding across a clear blue sea on your way to perform that next big trick! Explore our awesome kitesurfing lessons and get up and running with expert tips and tricks from seasoned professionals and master mother nature in all its glory. Let the wind carry you on an adventure to unchartered waters!

Kitesurfing Experiences in the UK

Head to locations like the breath-taking Jurassic Coast in Dorset and learn all the core elements to become familiar with flying the kite and standing up on the board. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for the open water to put the instructor’s theory to the test. From taster sessions to three days courses under the wing of a pro, head to the beach and explore the textbook form of watersport that allows you to get away from it all. Soar to new heights and experience that memorable feeling of chasing down the last beam of light, on a beautiful, hazy afternoon.

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